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The MapBuilder template

This is a preview of what the MapBuilder template looks like without any customization or local data. Our tutorials will teach you how to select the datasets you need, your preferred base map, and how to add your local data.

Tierras Indígenas

Tierras Indígenas is the first interactive online platform that provides accurate maps and critical information on lands and territories of indigenous peoples and communities in Paraguay, along with contextual data on forest cover and changes, fires and other relevant data for Indigenous Peoples, civil society organizations, universities, public and private sector institutions. It is designed to help indigenous peoples and communities protect their territorial rights, promote security of land tenure, access and care for the natural assets of their lands and territories.

The Tierras Indigenas project uses MapBuilder to display a compilation of indigenous territories in Paraguay. This project is coordinated by the Federation for the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples (FAPI). Click the image to learn more.


Hutanwatch is an open data website that promotes forest transparency in Malaysia. The platform combines user-contributed information, open source datasets and tools to investigate forest loss and the degazettement of forest reserves. Interactive maps are built using contributed data from various sources and published in Hutanwatch free to be used and shared by anyone. Maps are created using MapBuilder. Data, maps, news and articles are analysed and contributed by the Hutanwatch network of contributors.

Hutan Watch is a project that uses MapBuilder to to analyse land use data, monitor changes to forest cover, and improve forest transparency in Malaysia. Click the image to learn more.