MapBuilder Training Sessions for Intermediates

In these MapBuilder training sessions for intermediates, we will guide you step-by-step as you continue to edit and add details to your MapBuilder application using the configuration file.

Learn more about the different features of this tool and follow the instructions with the help of these videos.


  • Overview of MapBuilder analysis/print reports
  • Differences between using the configuration file and using the ArcGIS Online web map
  • How to edit a MapBuilder application using the configuration file
  • Overview of the GitHub wiki
  • How to add a custom layer group
  • How to add a new layer using the configuration file: layer types, organizing layers, layer objects.

Requirements: Create a MapBuilder application

Level: Intermediate

The video tutorials are available in Spanish


Watch the recording, download the sample data and check out the resources available in the workbook.

Click here to go to the shared folder for the session in English

MapBuilder training session in English


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