Share your MapBuilder application

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to add change the sharing options of your MapBuilder map
  • How to share your MapBuilder map on social media
  • How to embed your MapBuilder map in another website

For this step you need:

  • The MapBuilder application you completed in Step 5


Sharing options

Once you have viewed your application, return back to the 'Overview' for your application in ArcGIS Online. You can now adjust your sharing settings, which will enable specific people to view your MapBuilder map. If set to 'Owner', only you will be able to view your MapBuilder, and you must be logged into your ArcGIS Online account. If set to 'Everyone', then anyone with a URL can view your map without an ArcGIS Online account.

Social media

You can also share your map via social media using the MapBuilder URL. ArcGIS Online also has a way to share your map directly from the 'Overview' page.

The MapBuilder application also has a way to share via social media directly on the application interface. This is useful because when you share the map using this method, any data sets you have turned on will also appear for anyone who accesses your application using this URL.

Embedding Your MapBuilder Map

One last method for sharing your map is to embed it into an existing website. You can do this by using an iframe. Here is an example (remember to replace the 'src' URL in the code to match the URL for the map you'd like to share).

iFrame method

<iframe width="100%" height="800" src="YOUR URL"></iframe>

To continue editing your MapBuilder application and adding advanced customization options, go to our Resources page.